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How to Make Packing Machine Succeed in High-tech Competition


Packing machinery industry in China only uses science and technology innovation, closing to the user and the independent research and development management instead of blindly introduction and imitation of the traditional model to make the healthy development of China’s packing industry and market. In the face of a new round of competition of high-tech equipment, manufacturing enterprises must seize the opportunity in the challenge and study reasonable countermeasures.

Packing machinery industry in China is facing the severe international competition, and it is the great development prospect and vast profit space of packing machinery industry in our country that attract more and more foreign enterprises to enter the industry, in an attempt to share interests. Since there are little varieties and low level of technology and product reliability of packing machinery in China, so it is not dominant in the competition with foreign giants. As China speeds up the development of deep processing of agricultural products in recent years, for construction of economical society, developing circular economy and increasing the intensity of technological innovation have become the only way of packing machinery industry, but because of the limitations of its own level, our country mechanical packing industry relies heavily on technology import.

fixed packing machine

Packing companies are advocated “innovation” as the center of gravity to develop in recent years, which wants to make packing machine eternal vitality in the market. Only enterprise’s reform can stimulate the potential of automatic packing machine. Now, our country has entered into the phase of rapid development, the production of high efficiency, energy conservation and recycling of products and the practical application of new and high technology have become a trend, it also should be the mainstream development direction of packing machinery in our country.

The industry insider points out that continuously through technical improvement and optimization to realize localization of high-end packing equipment is the industry development direction and is also the basic goals for the future. Through the continuous application of new and high technology and arming and strengthening the overall level of the industry, our country is developing towards the center of the world packing.

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